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Meet The Optimians


Optima Orbits
Meet The Optimians

Andrew has over 8 years of international experience in asset management, commercial real estate, and finance, working in multicultural hubs across Europe.


Upon completing his bachelor’s program in retail management from Technische Hochschule Ingolstadt, Germany in 2017, he has started his career as an Asset Manager in one of the largest German retail companies successfully managing and executing major expansion, optimization, development, and value creation projects for the Eastern Europe region.


Following his interest to pursue further education in the field of finance, he completed his master’s degree in Monaco from the International University of Monaco majoring in hedge funds and private equity.


Working and studying in very diverse cultural and industrial environments strengthened his technical and soft skills helping him to develop a robust business acumen to forge long-lasting partnerships and support impactful initiatives.


Since 2019, he has been actively involved in the Financial Services industry working as a Financial Analyst for an award-winning specialist fund manager based in Monaco empowering him to establish a financial advisory business to support Family Offices in executing their commercial projects through business planning, financial review, and optimizing their value creation process.


Developing the passion and appreciation of diversified projects in the venture space has given Andrew strength for focusing on systemizing Optima Orbits to interlace with synergic opportunities to create and add value together with purpose by focusing on people projects platforms. Managing and nurturing an optimal ecosystem of affiliated alliances, that invites an authentic flow of ideas and opportunities to bridge mutual commercial value for all.


Orbital Leader

Andrew Korzun
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