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Meet The Optimians


Optima Orbits
Meet The Optimians

Metin has evolved throughout his career, creating and adding value in accordance with his self-reflective, philosophical, entrepreneurial and philanthropic values

His synergic energy has only heightened through the decades, creating and integrating value as a founder, co-founder and investor through boutique platforms in financial services, real estate, private equity, hospitality, asset management and thought leadership.

By passionately connecting visions and enabling missions, encouraging multicultural generational collaborations, innovating through empowering initiatives and pioneering navigations, Metin has learned to appreciate heritage and succession with individual and collective authenticity within an ever-transforming environment. He strives to evolve mentor to mentor, peer to peer, growing in the rhythm of the symphony of synchronicity.

This lifelong evolutionary journey has led to the creation of Optima Orbits, founded on Metin’s long held principle of “I am because we are”, a philosophy fuelled by mutual well-intended actions and molecular manifestations, allowing the organic flow of originality, collectivity and connectivity to build dynamic links across the globe.

Carrying this spirit with him, Metin  participates as a speaker on select panels and collaborates with leading forums, conferences and thought leadership platforms which include Impact 17 + 1 Club, the Lord Mayor of London’s international tours, the FT Wealth Summit, KPMG Family Office Network, The Horasis Global Community, Prestel & Partner and Camden Wealth.

Metin graduated in Electronics and  Systems Engineering from The State University of New York at Buffalo. He also completed the Oxford Impact Investing & Real Estate Programs from Saïd Business School, and most recently completed the Leading The Family Office program from IMD Business School. He continues his study of the texture of people, passion, purpose & performance of Generations in Collaboration in the evolution of family, affinity and community.


Founding Chairman
Optima Orbits

Metin Güvener
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