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Meet The Optimians


Optima Orbits
Meet The Optimians

Born & Raised in Dubai, Robin has over 18 years of business leadership and international management experience. Building upon strategic entrepreneurial alliances and forging innovative business collaborations, Having a passion for empowering the rising-generation, he has nurtured, managed, and trained aspiring leaders from more than 43 nationalities, and has travelled to more than 68 countries over his career.

Since 2015, he has been actively involved in the Family Office space focusing on Impact and Purpose driven opportunities. Currently, he serves as the Founding Partner & Board Member of Optima Orbits, focusing on business alliances, thought leadership and creative projects inclusively through the three growing orbits of Optima which includes: The Salon, Sensory and Syndicate.

Mr. Titus is a member of the Oxford & Cambridge Society UAE as well as The Oxford Business Alumni (OBA) network which boast over 17,000 strong alumni community globally.

He recently has successfully completed the inaugural ‘CHINA CEO program’ with CKGSB including him into the influential CKGSB network.

Because of his significant business achievements at such a young age, he was selected to be a brand ambassador for Mercedes Benz and has been featured in several newspapers, was highlighted on the front page of the major business newspaper in the GCC, which includes being featured in Ahlan’s prestigious “top 100″ report on the Middle East.

Prior to his role as an Executive Director with a Private Office for a group based in London, he worked for a global business information company from 2004 until 2015 and lived in Monaco, London, Prague, Cape Town, Shanghai and Chicago serving in senior management positions in each of these offices, responsible for building core teams, commercially driving and aligning the team with the core values and shared purpose, accelerating revenue through sustainable and long-term relationships.

In addition to his previous track record and responsibilities, he has a deep trusted network of ultra-high net worth individuals, limited partners, and institutional players, where he has been instrumental in the development of a capital raising platform, leading a series of fund raising for ‘development projects’, focusing his efforts on private capital and large conglomerates.

On a personal level, Robin considers his greatest achievement to be funding and building his own house at the age of 22. A devoted family man, Robin is a proud husband and a caring father of two children. In his spare time Robin enjoys fine dining and traveling.


Founding Partner & Board Member
Optima Orbits

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