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  • iTalk XIX

    Optima Orbits is proud to share, The Salon returns in-person to host iTalk XIX in collaboration with Freuds with Impact 17+1 Club.

  • Visionary Leadership

    We're thrilled to announce that our very own Optima Orbits Founding Partner and Board Member has been featured as one of the Men Leaders to look up to in 2023.

  • MENA Construction 4.0 Forum

    Optima Orbits are excited to announce our collaboration with MENA Construction 4.0 Forum as the ‘Knowledge Partner’ on 24th & 25th May 2023 in Dubai. The Forum will bring together 150+ stakeholders to discuss best practice project delivery focusing on creating a sustainable future for the AEC sector by integrating innovative technologies and creative business collaborations.

  • Prestel & Partners Family Office Forum

    Optima Orbits, Founding Partner & Board Member Robin Titus visits Prestel & Partner Family Office Forum, Dubai Edition, Jan 2023.

  • Optimians Meeting

    Optima Orbits, Directors and Board Members meet in Limassol, Cyprus.

  • Friends in Conversation

    #gettingready to hosts ‘Friends in Conversations.

  • Optiverse will be Launched Soon!

    Optiverse is a web-based metaverse created by Illusorr for Optima, a consortium of three companies, The Salon, Sensory, and Syndicate.  With cutting-edge technology and an innovative approach to virtual environments, Optiverse offers a unique and immersive experience that blends the physical and digital worlds. Explore the future of technology, art, and design in this one-of-a-kind virtual world!

  • Investing in Unicorns Panel

    Optima Orbits, Founding Partner & Board Member Robin Titus moderates the “Investing in Unicorns” panel at Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business’ Global Unicorn Program in Feb 2023 held at DIFC Innovation Hub, Dubai, sharing learnings on the unique entrepreneurial ecosystem in the Gulf region.

  • LEAP Conference

    Begum Aydinoglu shares insights on the creative economy delivering a session on “Inclusiveness, Accessibility, Sustainability: The Future of Design is Rooted in Values” at LEAP; an international and multi-award-winning technology festival held in Saudi Arabia in Feb 2023.

  • DC Finance Investment Forum

    Orbital Leader, The Salon – Aneel Khan speaks at DC Finance’s UAE Global Family Wealth & Investment Forum in Abu Dhabi, Jan 2023, moderating “Custodians of the Future: Generational Outlooks on Family Policy & Entrepreneurship” and the “Creating a Culture of Continuity” fireside chat as a Knowledge Partner.

  • Empowered to Empowered

    #Empowerd2Empowered: Optima Orbits Leadership, Metin Guvener & Erol Guvener speaks @ Campden Wealth.

  • Horasis USA Meeting

    It will be honor to be part of Horasis USA, together with Dave Rhodes Senior Vice President of Unity, Andrew McGregor Founder of OOMVELT RESEARCH, Sam Glassenberg Founder & CEO of Level Ex moderated by Amy Peck CEO of EndeavorVR.

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