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Meet the Optimians


Founding Chairman

Optima Orbits


Board Member

Optima Orbits


Director & Board Member

Optima Orbits


Founding Partner & Board Member

Optima Orbits


Founding Partner & Board Member

Optima Orbits


Orbit Leader

The Salon


Orbit Leader



Orbit Leader


With a collective experience over multiple decades, Optima assembles together a global team of dynamic individuals possessing strong, diverse and a wealth of international experience across multiple industries. Their combined experience backed by vibrant entrepreneurial & cultural spirit nurtures progress and growth.

Indeed, the universe story is a dramatic and creative one. Throughout billions of years of evolution, triumph and disaster have been only a hair’s breadth apart. Violence and creativity are pervasive.

The ability of matter to organize and re-organize itself is remarkable – from the formation of the first atoms to the emergence of life. We are coming to realize that the energy released at the very beginning has finally become capable in the human of reflecting on and exploring its own journey of change.

The World is transforming at a rapid pace, the language of business and the way of business is evolving. Embracing a culture of a shared philosophy, founded by our Chairman, ‘I am, because we are!’

Optimians was birthed, creating a continuum, of an evolutionary original intention, fueled by well-intended actions with a pioneering mindset, collectively believing in the shared philosophy that we are synchronized to meet one another to bring out the best in each other through our tool box in the making.

Joined together by the ‘Symphony of Synchronizing Synergies’ while seeking out different perspectives, valuing our differences, collaborating across boundaries and focusing on our strengths through a shared and authentic purpose to create, add and share value - ‘We are the energy, Manifesting in Momentum’ – to use the unique expertise, capabilities, breadth and perspectives to open up a world of opportunity.

The influence of our Optimian’s lies not just in the individuals that form them, but also in the organizational and institutional knowledge, resources and capacity that can be tapped through the actual and potential relationships within our networks and ecosystem which forms our universe.

By synchronizing and synthesizing meaningful introductions, interactions and conversations,  the convergence of our eco-systems, benefits from mutually beneficial alignment core to a successful relationship dedicated to affiliating by connecting visions and enabling missions utilizing shared experiences, resources and expertise.

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