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Meet The Optimians

Optimian Our Definition

In the context of our business language, an Optimian refers to an individual who embodies the philosophy and principles of the Optima Universe. The term "Optimian" represents a person who embraces the shared philosophy of "I am, because we are!" as established by the Founding Chairman.


Optimians are characterized by their commitment to a pioneering mindset, well-intended actions, and a belief in synchronicity and mutual upliftment. They recognize that they are part of a continuum of evolutionary growth and are dedicated to bringing out the best in themselves and others.


The concept of an Optimian emphasizes collaboration, the pursuit of excellence, and utilizing a collective "tool box" to support personal and professional development. It signifies a shared belief in the power of synergy and teamwork, where individuals come together to achieve the best possible outcomes for themselves and the organization.


In summary, an Optimian, in our business language, represents an individual who actively subscribes to the principles and values of the Optima Orbits universe, fostering a culture of shared philosophy, growth, and collective achievement.

Optima Orbits


We prioritize the well-being and happiness of our stakeholders which include optimians, partners and clients, fostering a healthy working environment.


We treat everyone with respect, embracing diversity and creating an environment free from discrimination, bias, and harassment.


We approach challenges with an open mind, embracing new ideas and perspectives to drive forward-thinking solutions.


We aim to create a positive impact on society and the environment, leveraging our resources and influence for the greater good.


We encourage an entrepreneurial spirit, empowering employees to be proactive, take risks, and explore new opportunities.


We have a long-term vision and plan, ensuring sustainable growth and continuity to create lasting value for all stakeholders.


We consistently act with honesty, transparency, and ethical behavior in all aspects of our business.


We foster a culture of innovation, encouraging creative thinking and finding groundbreaking solutions to shape the future. We Emphasize continuous learning and development.


We believe in the power of collaboration, valuing diverse perspectives and working together to achieve common goals.


We empower our employees, providing them with the autonomy and resources to make impactful decisions and drive organizational success.


We take ownership of our actions and deliver on our commitments, taking responsibility for our performance and results.


We are agile and adaptable, constantly monitoring market trends and evolving our strategies to stay ahead of the curve.


We cultivate empathy, understanding our stakeholders' needs and aligning our actions to create meaningful, empathetic connections.


We build trust through open communication, reliability, and consistently delivering on our promises to all stakeholders.


We are committed to delivering high-quality products, services, and experiences that add value and contribute to customer satisfaction.


We foster a growth mindset, encouraging curiosity, embracing challenges, and continuously seeking personal and professional growth.


We demonstrate resilience in the face of adversity, maintaining a positive attitude and finding solutions to overcome obstacles.


We prioritize authenticity and transparency, fostering genuine relationships and being true to our values in all interactions.


We have carefully selected 18 core values to guide our actions and shape our corporate ethos. It serves as the foundation of our brand identity and perspective, giving us a deep sense of duty and drive. By empowering and embodying these values, they convey a sense of purpose, unity, growth, and innovation aligning with our mission and commitment as guardians of our Optimian legacy.


Optima Orbits

The universe story is a dramatic and creative one. Throughout billions of years of evolution, triumph and disaster have been only a hair’s breadth apart. Violence and creativity are pervasive.

The ability of matter to organize and re-organize itself is remarkable – from the formation of the first atoms to the emergence of life. We are coming to realize that the energy released at the very beginning has finally become capable in the human of reflecting on and exploring its own journey of change.

The World is transforming at a rapid pace, the language of business and the way of business is evolving. Embracing a culture of a shared philosophy, founded by our Chairman, ‘I am, because we are!’

Optimians was birthed, creating a continuum, of an evolutionary original intention, fueled by well-intended actions with a pioneering mindset, collectively believing in the shared philosophy that we are synchronized to meet one another to bring out the best in each other through our tool box in the making.

Joined together by the ‘Symphony of Synchronizing Synergies’ while seeking out different perspectives, valuing our differences, collaborating across boundaries and focusing on our strengths through a shared and authentic purpose to create, add and share value - ‘We are the energy, Manifesting in Momentum’ – to use the unique expertise, capabilities, breadth and perspectives to open up a world of opportunity.

The influence of our Optimian’s lies not just in the individuals that form them, but also in the organizational and institutional knowledge, resources and capacity that can be tapped through the actual and potential relationships within our networks and ecosystem which forms our universe.

By synchronizing and synthesizing meaningful introductions, interactions and conversations,  the convergence of our eco-systems, benefits from mutually beneficial alignment core to a successful relationship dedicated to affiliating by connecting visions and enabling missions utilizing shared experiences, resources and expertise.

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