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Who Are We


As we continue to evolve, our language continues to evolve with us, adapting to the changing landscape of business and carrying a deeper meaning that resonates with our identity and values ensuring a seamless integration of our vocabulary and syntax across our orbits.

The concept of an orbit emphasizes the idea of specialization and focus within the broader context of Optima’s activities that specializes in non-specialization. Just like planets orbit around a central star, business orbits revolve around the core mission and goals of the organization.

By empowering the organization into different orbits, each with its own unique characteristics and objectives, it becomes easier to allocate resources, define strategies, and measure performance within specific business areas. This approach can enhance efficiency, agility, and innovation within the organization as different orbits can adapt to market changes and demands more effectively.


By having a clear understanding of the different orbits, stakeholders and orbital leaders can better align their efforts and resources to achieve success in their respective areas.


Overall, the concept of an orbit in a business language represents a focused business unit or vertical within Optima Universe, allowing for specialized attention and strategies in specific areas.

Optima Orbits
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