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Meet The Optimians


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Meet The Optimians

As Orbital Director at The Salon, Aneel oversees research and project development. Derived from the great historical importance as the theatres of conversation and exchange, the modern-day Salon reignites the best elements from the ‘age of conversation’ blending it with a mixture of academic, entrepreneurial, cultural and philanthropic partners courting ‘business and purpose’ together focusing on 8 key spheres formed as “LIVES”: Thought Leadership, Innovation, Impact, Venture, Entrepreneurship, Economies of the Future, and Sustainability.

Aneel is also the founding partner of 1821. Guided by a set of principles that unify mutual interest and based on experiential learnings that foster empowerment of self with shared collective purpose, 1821 is a carefully curated private network of trusted and diverse UHNW next generation peers. The Club thrives through an egalitarian culture and provides the next frontier in networking and growth through evolutionary journeys stimulating peer groups and ecosystems as a whole, centred around self, celestial space and the shape of things to come.

Prior to this, Aneel managed the footprint and growth of a distinguished wealth members club consisting of over 1400 multi-generational family offices and family businesses where he provided linkages with peers, best in class education, as well as collaborative, co-investment initiatives. He was involved in several high-level strategic partnerships with Government, Educational Institutions and some of the world’s most respected private wealth holders while nurturing an expansive global events portfolio focused on how families can structure, invest and plan for the future to secure a multi-generational legacy.

He holds a first-class honours degree from Queen Mary, University of London, studied the Graduate Diploma in Law at BPP and has lived, worked and volunteered across 4 continents.


Orbital Leader
The Salon

Aneel Khan
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