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Meet The Optimians


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Meet The Optimians

Begum Aydinoglu is an award-winning architect, computational designer, urbanist and academic, uniting cross-disciplinary collaboration to enhance cutting-edge interrelationship between art, design, architecture, engineering, and virtual reality. She received her postgraduate Architecture and Urbanism M.Arch degree from London Architectural Association School of Architecture, Design Research Laboratory (AADRL). Under the studio of Shajay Bhooshan, head of Zaha Hadid Architects Computational Design (ZHCODE), she focused on the contemporary use of robotics in architecture and construction as well as new ways of living such as co-living in high performance cities. Through her career, she has worked in international projects in London and Istanbul including Seoul Robot Science Museum by MAA.

Embracing the experimental spirit of innovation, Begum founded PadaLabs in 2017 with a focus on advanced digital architecture, design education, and large scale 3D Printing. In 2020, PadaLabs has joined the Sensory Orbit ecosystem that focuses on sensuous design through algorithmic thinking consisting of creative agency, architecture studio and product design hub. Begum is leading Sensory as the Creative Director and received multiple awards such as RIBA (Royal Institute of British Architects) Trophy for WuWei Forest Eco-Living in China and Hyperloop Desert Campus Finalist Award. She is also Co-Founder of ILLUSORR, world's first design-oriented metaverse that creates virtual experiences.

Inspiring the rising-generation to pursue their passion, she speaks and lectures, leading numerous workshops and tailored educational programmes focusing on creative coding and computational design.


Orbital Leader

Begüm Aydınoğlu
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