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Meet The Optimians


Optima Orbits
Meet The Optimians

Having grown up in a family of entrepreneurs, Erol has had exposure to the ebbs and flows of the entrepreneurial mind since he was an infant.


Naturally curious, the entrepreneurial focus of his upbringing through the business family had a lasting impact exposing himself to diverse backgrounds and opportunities which involved him both directly and indirectly with event production, financial services and venture capital.


Erol is a founding partner of Optima Orbits and has focused his energies on conceptually mapping the business and relational intuitions he observed growing up.


Erol has completed the ‘Igniting Innovation for Impact programme’, A joint-programme by Cheung Kong Graduate School of Business (CKGSB) and the Møller Institute of Churchill College, the University of Cambridge which aims to foster a new generation of business leaders, leading positive disruption with empathy and compassion.


Erol has held various positions which included time spent as a Commercial Analyst as well as a number of entrepreneurial projects in the event and public speaking space. Erol has participated and spoken at select forums, conferences and thought leadership platforms, which includes: The Salon | Leadership Circle, Impact 17+1 Club | iTalk and Campden Wealth.


As an Economics, Philosophy and Psychology graduate, Erol holds a master’s degree in Psychological Sciences and a Bachelor of Arts in History, Politics and Economics from University College London.


Erol is now commencing his journey as an independent writer and filmmaker, where he hopes to explore the many themes, characters and ideas he has been exposed to so far in his journey…


Founding Partner & Board Member
Optima Orbits

Erol Güvener
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