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Meet The Optimians

Having a great desire to develop an international financial structure that successfully transcends political and civil volatilities, while also facilitating the success and security of future generations. Mehmet is more energised than ever to continue his patterns of adaptive leadership and life-long learning.

During High-School, Mehmet was heavily involved in the design of machines and spare parts, often working with his father. Following graduation, Mehmet continued to study mechanical engineering, with the intention of expanding his family's business operations. Mehmet developed his mechanical engineering expertise further by studying a Technology focused Higher National Diploma in London between the years 1977 and 1980.

Pursuing Mehmet's entrepreneurial journey, he began to engage in more diverse project profiles spanning across multiple sectors, each of which required technological and commercial awareness. Mehmet supported the entrepreneurs involved in these projects, which included: the development of fish farms; industrial water jet machines used for cutting materials; and impact focused projects such as the development of solar powered water boilers. All of these projects involved the development of existing international relationships across Asia, CIS, Republic of Cyprus and more regularly the UK and Turkey. As a result, Mehmet is continually able to interface with a wide range of people; from bankers and lawyers to distributors, manufacturers and government municipalities.

Mehmet is characterised by his trustworthiness, international exposure and his capacity for authentic relationship building. Moreover, Mehemet’s participation and technical experience was deeply valuable for the select projects.

Mehmet is deeply excited to continue developing and expanding Optima Orbit's existing entrepreneurial orbits; as well as preserving and maximising the value created over the last two decades, through enriched partnerships and innovative collaborations.

Mehmet is a proud husband, father of three daughters and grandfather of four grandchildren.


Board Member
Optima Orbits

Mehmet Güvener
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